Team members to be hired!


Hi! Finding a work is not going great, so after some time I've decided again to now hire some more team members and look for funding and investment through all different contacts Ive gathered the last year. Im still in the preincubator of Drivhuset at my University, and there Ill get a mentor from Tarsier Studios.

Ill start looking for people now and later in the summer when Ive got more budget, and then the fullversion development of the game will slowly start.

What we need to do first though, is to run some more tests and to get the general understanding of the game mechanic and also some design feedback to really validate the new graphics and design of the game.

With all these tests and feedback covered, we will start designing new levels and work on more puzzle objects, which will be the first iteration of some new levels.

The fullversion has no release date yet, but expect it around 2020. Some things I want to try to develop is a level editor system and an optional VR mode!

Im not sure what will happen to my other project Jeometry (earlier Shapes), Im very sorry for this!

Stay tuned!

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