Fullversion in development!

Good day! Hope you’re doing great!

The future plans of Binary Sparks looks like this:

*Fullversion will now be in development (Will take some time, will tease sall things now and then but not many more demos will come)

*More people will be hired, such as programmers and level designers

*Progress might be slow this autumn since Im having some small things left at the university

*VR-compatibility will be added, and you can choose weither to play in VR or not

*Some kind of multiplayer mode, where CO-OP is needed to complete puzzles

*Level Editor will be added, and people will be able to upload/download levels via a server

*More trippy science-multidimensional stuff. The theories of the 10t dimensions and the Calabi-Yau manifold will be used (real science/philisophy stuff).

Read more about the theories of the 10 dimensions here:

See you in the multiverse!

Thanks alot!


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Aug 08, 2017

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